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Wines and Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Wines Lagoalva

The long tradition of Quinta da Lagoalva as a wine producer was certified in 1888, in the Portuguese Industry Exhibition, in which was represented by 600 wooden casks.


The 45 ha of vineyards of Quinta da Lagoalva are located in the best "terroirs" of the Ribatejo region and comprise both national and international varieties of grapes with the best characteristics to produce excellent wines. Sauvignon Blanc, Alvarinho, Arinto, Fernão Pires, Verdelho, Chardonnay are used in the production of white wines, while Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro, TintaRoriz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shyrah, Tannat and Castelão are essential to the production of red wines.


The vines of Quinta da Lagoalva benefit from a modern system of production such as the wine cellar, that combines an effective winemaking process with a great versatility of oenological techniques, based on a constant dialogue between the "new world" model and traditional European methods.
Therefore the wines of Quinta da Lagoalva are the result of a special combination between the unique philosophy of the producer and grape varieties with a distinctive personality due to the microclimate and the “terroir” of the region.

Olive Oil Lagoalva

Planted around 200 years ago by the 2nd Duke of Palmela, the olive grove of Quinta da Lagoalva comprises a set of majestic olive trees of Italian origin and stands on sandy soils in of the Lezíria do Ribatejo region.
Carefully extracted from olives of the Frantoio and Moraiolo varieties, harvested in its ideal state of maturation, the olive oil produced by Quinta da Lagoalva is fruity, soft, with a slight bitter and spicy touch.

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