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Agricultural sectors

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The production of cereals (maize and wheat), as well as lucerne and rape is of great importance on our farm, occupying soils with high productive potential.
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The walnut orchards were first planted at the end of the 1960s, and today they cover a total of 30ha in Trás-os-Montes, but over time the Quinta da Lagoalva has been developing and modernizing its production and in recent years an additional 40ha has been planted in Montoito (Alentejo). The walnuts are harvested using a specific machine and cleaned using water. They are artificially dried with hot air up to 30ºC, thereby achieving humidity of less than 10%. Production is currently channelled both to the national and international market. The Quinta da Lagoalva orchard has diverse varieties of walnut trees: Franquette, Fernor, Serr, Lara, Howard e Chandler.
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Industrial Horto

The production of vegetables (potatoes and peas) has great importance in our farm and occupies soils with high productive potential.
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The forest component developed by Quinta da Lagoalva is especially important in soils with less productive capacity, namely cork oak, eucalyptus, meadow pine and brave pine.
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Our extensive sheep and beef production is developed under horseradish regime.
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Tradition in

Agricultural production

At times where cost reduction becomes essential, Quinta da Lagoalva has used its efforts and long based experience to market and implement mobilization and conservation tillage by balancing savings on one hand and good agricultural practices on the other.

Trademarks like Unverferth and Horsch have established a worldwide difference based on their quality, reliability and technically revolutionary solutions in the conservation and precision farming areas.

The farmer’s profitability is based on a balanced use of all the factors of production.

Conservation tillage for more sustainable farming in this scenario is an important ally as it can conciliate innumerous cost reductions. We should just bear in mind that if it is possible to reduce the number of passages with multiple implements we will be saving many hours of tractor and liters of expensive diesel fuel. If we add to these savings the organic matter that we store in our soils, as well as the increasing the capacity of water retention, we can envision a reduction of operational costs and a consequent increase in the margins, making both a sustainable management of our holdings.


    Quinta da Lagoalva also provides technical advice in all its areas of activity.
    This consultancy occupies a relevant role in the technical structure of the company extending in this moment, besides Portugal also to Africa and to Central Europe.

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